Woman ‘personally victimised’ by Nasty Gal leather trousers in hilarious blunder


Online shopping can be incredibly risky since you can never be sure what’s going to turn up in the post.

One woman has recently claimed she had a “mental breakdown for three days” over her Nasty Gal order.

The woman, named Ash, purchased a pair of white leather trousers in the sale for £8 and was eager to see what they’d look like.

But she was far from impressed as she asked the company whether they “modelled them on the BFG,” after trying them on.

In a video, she said: “Hi, this is just a shout out to Nasty Gal.

“I would like to lodge a grievance because I ordered some trousers from you and I’ve been having a mental breakdown for three days over them and I now feel ready to talk about it.

“I would just like to know who the hell did you model these on?

“Was it the BF f***ing G?

“Also whose body do these flatter, because….” she trailed off as she took a step back.

Holding the trousers around the waist, she turns 180 degrees to show what they look like from every angle.

In disbelief, she asks: “Are you having a laugh?”

Adding: “On what planet does this look good?” as she poses to show off the slit in the leg.

She shared her thoughts on TikTok, where she’s known as @ashandchelslifestories, in a video that has been viewed more than three million times.

It was captioned: “I feel personally victimised by these trousers @nastygal what in the chuff?”

Since being posted, the clip has been liked more than 570,000 times and has received almost 12,000 comments.

One person said: “The noise they make as well.”

Someone else put: “Nah ur the queen I’m howling.”

Whilst a third added: “When I tell you I GASPED at the full-body reveal.”

“Oh please I’ve wet the bed,” commented a fourth viewer, adding laughing and crying emojis for good measure.