Woman praised for ‘saving’ young girl being harassed by creepy stranger


What would you do if you saw someone being harassed in a public place?

We recently saw how one TikTok user was praised for jumping in and helping a woman who looked uncomfortable talking to a “creepy” man in a supermarket.

Viewers thought his response to the situation was “perfect” and urged more people to follow his lead.

And now it seems this has been the case, as a woman who posts on @pikanab has shared the action she took after noticing a fellow young lady looking distressed while talking to a man.

In the clip, Nab was about to get in her car when she spotted a girl who appeared to be in need of help, so she decided to approach her.

She says: “Okay guys, I don’t normally film these types of videos, but like I see this girl over there across the street, I’m literally about to go out but she looks really uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if she’s going somewhere, it’s like really late at night.”

She turns the camera to show the girl is being talked to by a man dressed all in black, with a black hoodie, black pants and black face mask.

“Okay I’m from New York, girls supporting girls, I’m just going to go up to her…”

Nab then walks across the street and as she gets closer, she pretends as if she knows the other girl and says she’s been waiting for her at her car.